Melissa owns a lot of ukuleles.  She even wrote a song about them called U.A.S. (Ukulele Acquisition Syndrome).  In her collection she has:

KoAloha Opio Tenor (her main performance ukulele)

Riverbend Tenor Electric

Riverbend Baritone Electric (Swamp Koa and African Mahoghany)

Ohana SK-28 Vintage Nunes Style

Ohana CK15WG Willow

Cocobolo Tenor #218

Mainland Mango Baritone

Kala Resonator Tenor

Goldtone BUC - Concert Banjolele

Outdoor Ukuelele Soprano in Bottle Green

Magic Fluke Flea - Concert in Blue

Risa Tenor Electric - Tobacco Sunburst